Air Muzzle

This is a light open design muzzle. It slips on and off easily without interfering with the cat’s breathing or vision.


These are the most common cause of skin disease in cats. An allergy occurs when the cat’s sensitive immune system overreacts to stimuli that do not present any actual danger.

A balanced and varied diet is important. Regular grooming and a relaxed environment will help your pet maintain a strong, healthy immune system.

Bathing A Cat

The most beneficial way to maintain or restore a cat’s coat to a healthy condition is through a degreasing bath and blow dry. By removing dander, excess oil, and dead moulting hair, the resultant clean coat is better able to shed any excess hair.

Blow Dry and Tangle (Mat) Removal

A professional high velocity pet dryer is essential to a quick and comfortable de-matting process. Post bathing any remaining tangles and loose hair can be easily removed.