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Cat GroomingCat GroomingCat GroomingCat GroomingCat GroomingCat Grooming

The Benefits Of Cat Grooming

Every cat owner will at some stage encounter a few problems when living with a cat and try to find the best way to resolve them. A cat with a mat is a particular concern to which many owners can find no straight forward or simple remedy.

It is never too early in a cat’s development to be introduced to grooming and getting used to being handled either by their owners or by a professional groomer. Within the comfort of your own home, you and your cat can benefit from the grooming experience, deepening the bond between you.

Frequent bathing and brushing helps to maintain a shiny coat and healthy skin, prevents mats and tangles from forming, stimulates circulation and enhances muscle tone. Contrary to the general belief that cats dislike water, when introduced to bathing in the right way, most will tolerate it and some come to really enjoy it.

Regular intervention also gives us the opportunity to monitor overall well being, detect any external parasites, and tackle possible infections due to war wounds. Long term results are immediately evident through reduced shedding around the home, elimination of fur balls, leading to care free times between grooms and most importantly creating a very happy, healthy and gorgeous looking cat.
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