Nina provides an excellent and reliable service and I feel completely comfortable knowing that she is looking after my cats - unlike other cat sitters, Nina genuinely cares about their welfare and grooms them beautifully.

Alice, Dulwich

I have had Nina groom my cat Fluffy twice now. The first time Fluffy had extreme matting which I didn't realise was causing her considerable pain. With much care and attention Nina recommended she have a lion cut. Nina was extremely caring and professional at performing this task, after which Fluffy had a wash and shampoo. I was extremely impressed with Nina's professional manner, which shows how much she loves cats and wants them to be happy and content, which Fluffy was.

Lisa, Nunhead

Honestly, I don't know how I would manage without Nina!! My cats' coats (they are both white and long haired breeds) need a lot of attention, and Nina does an absolutely brilliant job every time she comes. She is a very patient, calm person and my girls seem to love being groomed by her. Nina is a fountain of knowledge with regards to cats' behaviour, and often gives me tips if I mention a particular concern with one of them which, more often than not, has been spot-on. I cannot recommend her highly enough - she is by far the best groomer I have employed.

Laura, Beckenham

My cat Mitzie was diagnosed with Flea Dermatitis, which makes her highly allergic to flea bites.  Through gentle bathing every two weeks, and then once a month with earthbath (totally natural pet shampoo), Nina has given her back a gleaming coat, and healthy skin.  Thanks Nina!! I would highly recommend her services…

Dawn, East Dulwich