Cat Grooming Prices

The Standard Full Coat Groom Includes


Standard Full Coat Groom Prices

Short-Haired £50
Medium / Long-Haired £60


Additional Services and Options;

Tangles / Mats Removal £15
Lion Cut £50
Pelt Removal £90
Belly Shave £10
Sanitary Trim £ 5
Flea Bath £ 5
Soft Paws Nail Caps Application Full Set £22
Single £12


Regular Coat Maintenance - De-shedding / Comb Out £25

The price for the Full Coat Groom is based on a current coat that is free of mats and tangles and doesn't require any shaving.
A full coat groom can take up to two hours
For long-haired breeds recommended maintenance is every 2 months.
An exact price will be given upon the free consultation and it will depend on;

  • The temperament and the lifestyle of the cat
  • Breed and size
  • Age and health
  • Coat and skin condition
  • How severe the problem is and the time required to fix it