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Cat Grooming (Tools)

Air Muzzle

This is a light open design muzzle. It slips on and off easily without interfering with the cat’s breathing or vision.

Blow Dry and Tangle (Mat) Removal

A professional high velocity pet dryer is essential to a quick and comfortable de-matting process. Post bathing any remaining tangles and loose hair can be easily removed.

Cat Trimmers

The safest way to deal with mats is by the use of specialist trimmers.

Grooming Combs

Three distinct combs are used in Cat Grooming.

Greyhound Style Comb - an all-round comb, great for removing mats and combing through.

DG Cat Comb - used to comb short-haired breeds, and for the finishing work on long-haired breeds (ruff, legs and feet).

Face & Feet Comb - perfect for combing around head, legs and other sensitive areas.