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These are the most common cause of skin disease in cats. An allergy occurs when the cat’s sensitive immune system overreacts to stimuli that do not present any actual danger.

A balanced and varied diet is important. Regular grooming and a relaxed environment will help your pet maintain a strong, healthy immune system.


Undiscernable to the human eye, dander is composed of tiny particles of dead skin cells and dried saliva. People with cat allergies are reacting to the protein Fel D1 which is found in cats' saliva.


Large flakes of dead skin build up and accumulate under a greasy, dirty coat when there has been a lack of regular grooming.


The ordinary cat flea is the most common parasite found on a cat’s skin. For successful eradication both the cat and its environment must be treated together. A flea bath and the spot on treatment will provide the cat with immediate relief.