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Cat Health


Long-haired cats, fastidious self-groomers and the elderly are more susceptible to fur balls and will require more frequent grooming, especially during moulting season. The rasp-like surface of the cat’s tongue serves as a grooming brush and the middle portion possesses no taste buds. As the cat licks itself the hair becomes stuck to the tongue and when swallowed forms a solid mass in the stomach which can lead to appetite loss, constipation or a blocked intestine.

Health Check

A cat’s general demeanour should be relaxed and confident, curious and alert.

A healthy cat’s fur is sleek and unbroken, its eyes are clear and bright and its nostrils are clean and dry. The teeth should be white and the gums uniformly pink.

The first signs of ill health would generally present in introverted passive behaviour, a change in appetite, inflammation, any unusual discharge or odour.